Dear Friends…

“I have found that the most valuable thing in my wallet is my library card.”

- Laura Bush

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Members of the Board


Carol Smith

Vice President

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Linda Hanover


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Harvey Hooker

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Sandy Winfield
Peggy Bramblett

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Letter from the Branch Manager

Dear Friends,

Thank you for helping make this year’s Summer Reading Program another successful and rewarding event.  We just would not be able to have the event we do without the support of our Friends.  Thank you.  It is a delight to see the smiles and hear the cheers of the kids getting excited about reading and learning.  The programs sponsored by the Friends of Charles B. Stewart-West are educational and promote reading, while also being entertaining and engaging.  I have heard so many comments from parents, grandparents, and adults about how wonderful these programs are and how excited their children are to be at the library. 

Let me share with you some of the numbers of those that participated in library activities this summer.

In the reading portion of our program:

Children (Birth – 12)

Number of Participants: 1068

Number of Completions: 405

Percentage of participants completing: 38%

Young Adults (13-17)

Number of Participants: 171

Number of Completions: 44

Percentage of participants completing: 23%

Adults (18+)

Number of Participants: 65

Number of Books Read: 447

Average of 6.8 books read per adult (compared to the average 13 books per staff participating)

We had over 17,000 people come into the library during our program weeks from June through mid-July.   Of those, over 1,500 were here for one of the 55 programs we offered. 

Along with our regular programs held throughout the year, we also had 54 special programs.

 Some of the programs offered included:

Tom’s Fun Band – a fun, interactive musical group that provides entertainment for children.

Julian Franklin – Julian is a showman that engages audiences using science, engineering, and a touch of magic to discover the world around us.

Captain Lynn Rippelmeyer – shares her life and experiences as one of the early female commercial pilots breaking a number of aviation milestones.

Henna Art by Vi – teens learned about the what and how to of henna art.

 Thank you.  Truly, this would not have been near the amazing outcome we see without the help of the Friends.  Thank you for all you do to make this library the community treasure that it is.  We hear such positive feedback from so many of our patrons and out-of-towners visiting the area that come through these doors and praise this library, the activities that take place here, and the staff that work here.


Mat Wilson