Dear Friends…

“I have found that the most valuable thing in my wallet is my library card.”

- Laura Bush

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Members of the Board


Carol Smith

Vice President

Jan Null


Linda Hanover


Peggy Priestley


Harvey Hooker

Members at Large

Char Schmerbauch
Peggy Bramblett

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Letter from the President

Dear Friends,

As we begin the New Year, I want to express my thanks to all of you who joined the Friends of Charles B. Stewart-West Branch Library and helped make 2018 such a good year. Without your support we couldn’t have accomplished the things mentioned by Beverly Mannen in the following letter.

There are also the many things done between General meetings. When I look in the Book Nook, I’m so impressed of how nice it looks. Thanks to Katy Brace and Sandy Winfield for their dedicated work.

Membership is all organized and accurate records kept. You get a receipt with the dates of everything for the year. if the only receipt you have is pink, then you have need to renew your membership because 2019’s is orange. That itemized report Beverly gave in July was so informative. I’ll bet you didn’t realize how much our dues amount to. We all count. Thanks to Beverly Mannen for doing a job that really needed some problem solving.

I’m especially grateful for the approval of our website. We were the only one in the immediate area that didn’t have one. This will allow us to be available to more people. In an area with such fast-growing population we want to grow along with it. Like it or not, the age of “Technology” is here. I know; Grrrrr. As the year passes, I hope that all of you will refer to it more and more for your information of FOL. Somehow Mat and I along with Lindsay at Creative Classify made it happen.

Thanks to Mat Wilson, C.B. Stewart-West Branch Manager. We couldn’t make it without him. Thanks to all the library personnel who are always so eager to help.

I could mention the flyers we made, the brochures we created, phone calls, the posters we attempted, the copies and on and on. Thanks to all.

A special “Thanks” to our officers. All are dedicated to do the very best job that you all have entrusted them to do. Mindful of what is in the best interest of FOL.

2018 was a good year for Friends. Let’s make 2019 even better.

Carol Smith, FOL president

Letter From Membership Committee Chair


Thank you....Thank you for your support of Friends of Charles B. Stewart West Branch Library! 

It is 2019! TIME TO RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP! We need your continued support!  Please see the membership donation form below.  Your donation and the form may be mailed to the Friends of the Library (address on the form), delivered to the FOL box at the library or completed at the FOL Meeting.

The speaker for the FOL meeting January 28 at 10:00 will be Mr. Dale Schmidt, Manager of BBVA Compass Bank.  He will be informing the Friends about the ways and means of avoiding fraudulent attacks on bank accounts. This is valuable information for all of us.

In 2018, the Summer Reading Program was a big success. The Friends of the Library provided funds for more than 400 children to participate in getting a T-shirt, refreshments and a visit from ORBIT, the mascot for the Astros during the program.

Your membership donation to Friends of the Library helped to support the library in 2018 in many ways:

Summer Reading Program plus additional children's programs

Children's educational toys

Young Adult Program

two new book carts for library use

$2000.00 budgeted for purchase of books

Santa at the Christmas Open House

Dedicated $700.00 for a  new book for " Story Walk" in Memory Park 

FOL website - $730.00 initial cost

Hoping to see you at the FOL Meeting Monday, January 28 at 10:00,

Beverly Mannen,

Membership Committee Chair