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The Friends Welcome first time members

Peggy Leroy

Claudia and Richard Huye

Edward and Brenda Malewitz

Kari and Lee Warren

Louise and Bill King

Elaine and Robert West

Alicia Lamarand

Linda and Peter Scheib


Annual Book Sale and Silent Auction May 2nd - 4th


Mark your calendars, the Annual Spring Book Sale and Silent Auction is coming! All proceeds go towards helping fund library programs and events, purchase of new materials, and more! The Sale begins Thursday, May 2nd and runs through Saturday, May 4th. Hours are:

Thursday 9am - 12pm for members only. Not a member? You can join still join at the beginning of the sale!

Thursday 12pm - 7pm all are welcome!

Friday 9am - 4:30pm all are welcome!

Saturday 9am - 12pm all are welcome!

Silent Auctions ends Saturday. Anyone 18 and older are invited to bid on Silent Auction Baskets, crammed full of wonderful goodies.


Congratulations TO THE UPCOMING 2019 fol oFFICERS:

President.....Carol Smith

Vice President.....Jan Null

Secretary.....Linda Hanover

Treasure.....Harvey Hooker

2 Members at Large.....Peggy Bramblett and Char Schmerbauch

Parliamentarian.....Peggy Priestley




We hope you will use the Kroger Community Rewards Program and donate to the FOL every time you grocery shop. It’s easy to enroll; just visit and log into your Kroger account. Search for Friends of the Charles B Stewart W. Branch Library or search our assigned NPO number, EW554. Then click enroll.

New users need to create an account which requires basic information, a valid email address and a rewards card. You must have a rewards card to link to FOL.

If you do not have a rewards card they are available at the service desk of any Kroger store.

REMEMBER, your purchases will not count for FOL until your register your rewards card. You must swipe your registered rewards card or use the phone number that is related to your registered rewards card when shopping for each purchase to count.


Silent Auction Christmas Trees 2018

Although the Open House has come and gone, and the Silent Auction Trees at their new homes, you can still see pictures of the trees and wreaths below. Click on the picture to scroll through the gallery.


Welcome to Our New Website!

We partnered with Classify Creative, a local web design company, to create our new site for us to share information and events with the community. Please check this site,, for updates on our meetings, and share this site with your neighbors. We are always looking to grow our group as a way to support our local library.